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Rose Hair Tarantula

(Grammostola rosea)

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rose hair tarantula

adult length: 2 – 4 inches

adult weight: .5 – 1.8 ounces

average lifespan: up to 5 years (males); up to 20 years (females)

habitat: Deserts and lightly forested areas

diet: Insects and small vertebrates

reproduction: Fertilized females produce sack with up to 500 eggs within 14 days. The egg sack is then guarded for 6-7 weeks of brooding while the spiderlings mature.

did you know? While the tarantula produces a very durable silk it doesn't capture it's prey in a web - it prefers to stalk and pounce on it's victims. These creatures have amazing regenerative powers and can regrow and entire leg if necessary.


Range: Chile, South America

range chile

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rose hair tarantula
Rightly named "Fluffy", The Jungle Lady's tarantula appears to have been upholstered in shag carpet.

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