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burmese python show
Sunny the Albino Burmese Python is always the last to arrive and a real show stopper. Despite his 10 foot length Sunny's tame demeanor charms any group.

hedge hog show
Salt and Pepper are Hedgehogs who like to get into prickly situations. Children delight in their endearing grunts and insistence on burrowing into mailing tubes.

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Eight Reasons To Schedule a show with the Jungle Lady TODAY:

  • Easy - we come to you and require just a small area on your floor (5'x5') to perform
  • Exotic - the 8-12 animals in the show are uniquely large, rare, creepy, or cute
  • Safe - all animals are selected for their crowd-friendly demeanor and ease around people
  • Interactive - everyone gets a chance to touch and hold the animals
  • Memorable - overcoming natural fears and lots of photography are always encouraged
  • Educational - age-appropriate discussions about animal habitat, behavior, and survival strategy (shows work best for audiences 4 yrs old and up)
  • Special - if this is a birthday show the celebrant is showered with attention, special treatment, and shiny trinkets!
  • Affordable - shows last about an hour and start at $225 (download the full price list in PDF format by clicking here)

Schedule a memorable experience for your group by calling The Jungle Lady (303-250-7070) or completing the form below. Linda will respond to your query promptly.

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