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African Pygmy Hegehog

(Atelerix albiventris)

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African Pygmy Hedgehog

adult length: 7 – 9 inches

adult weight: 10 – 18 ounces

average lifespan: 2 – 3 years in the wild; 8 – 10 years in captivity

habitat: Scrub forest, desert

diet: Spiders and insects, plant matter, small vertebrates

reproduction: 5 or 6 young are born live in about 35 days.

did you know? Hedgehogs are fairly vocal, and communicate not in a series of grunts and snuffles.


Range: Central Africa

range central africa

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feeding baby hedgehog
Because they're prickly like porcupines, baby hedgehogs need to be seriously adorable. Baby 'hedgies' and tiny milk bottles are frequent guests in Linda's purse.

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