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Burmese Python

(Python molarus bivittatus)

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central bearded dragonr

adult length: 13 – 20 feet

adult weight: 170 – 200 pounds

average lifespan: 4 – 20 years

habitat: Grassland to "open jungle"

diet: Rabbits, mice, rats, amphibians, lizards, other snakes, birds, other mammals

reproduction: 20 to 100 eggs laid in the early spring. Mother pythons won’t eat for the 55 to 75 days it takes their eggs to hatch.

did you know? The female python is the only snake that can raise its own body temperature. While keeping their eggs warm mothers will “tremble” their muscles to increase the temperature around the eggs.


Range: South Asia

range australia

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burmese python outside
Lola is a Burmese Python without the "albinism" charaterized by bright yellow color. At over 14' in length she's the largest animal in Linda's collection.

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