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Central Bearded Dragon

(Pogona vitticeps)

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central bearded dragon

adult length: 18 – 22 inches

adult weight: 10 – 18 ounces

average lifespan: 4 – 10 years

habitat: Semi-arid forest, rocky desert

diet: Insects, plant matter, occasional mouse

reproduction: 11 to 16 eggs laid in shallow nest dug in the sand then left unattended. Eggs incubate about 3 months

did you know? The bearded dragon’s name comes from specialized scales along the throat, neck, and head which the lizard will puff out when feeling threatened. These spiny throat projections appear similar to a human beard.


Range: Australia

range australia

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young bearded dragons
These baby bearded dragons will grow rapidly. They've obviously spotted Linda approaching with a travel size box of crickets.

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